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When You Don't Feel Like Cooking

because vegans are lazy people too

When you don't feel like cooking
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This is a community for vegans who don't always feel like cooking. This place is for talking about food that doesn't involve hours of preparation time. We can talk about how much we love, hate a certain kind of cheese, post warnings about foods that are marketed towards vegetarians but contain suspect ingredients, ask if a certain food is vegan, ask where to get vegan food in a certain place, co-ordinate vegan potlucks.

It's up to you, so long as it's about *vegan* READY MADE food. There's plenty of vegan recipe communities, go there to post recipes. This is for the LAZY people. Not all you awesome vegan kitchen slaves.

If you want to talk about vegan politics, I suggest these communities: animal_rights, animalactivists, peta2, peta, veganism

If you want to post and read recipes, I suggest these communities: cheapvegan, vegancooking, easyvegan, vegan_candy, veganfoodpics