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Help with a meat-eater? - When You Don't Feel Like Cooking

About Help with a meat-eater?

Previous Entry Help with a meat-eater? Jun. 27th, 2005 @ 09:34 pm Next Entry
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Date:July 6th, 2005 03:59 am (UTC)
Well, if he's a meat-and-potatoes type of guy, mashed potatoes are vegan... plenty of vegan things to make with potatoes. And it sounds like there could be a cholesterol issue there too if he's banned from meat, so maybe try using Earth Balance in place of butter? It has a lot of calories, but using a little bit wouldn't hurt and could make him eat better. Also I think pasta is conventional enough that even hardcore meat-and-potatoes people will eat it, I like to make whole wheat penne with homemade sauce (really easy, just sautee some mushrooms and onions in a little bit of olive oil and add about 6 diced tomatoes and spices [I use oregano, black pepper, basil, garlic, and thyme] and let it cook on medium-high heat for about 25 minutes). That or just use regular jar sauce, or make sauteed vegetables to go with it. Spices will probably help a lot in getting him to enjoy the food, before I was a vegan I never cooked with spices and now they've replaced the dairy-filled sauces. I think vegetarian chili is a safe bet too, I've never had real chili, but I bet it's not that different. Soy cheese pizza is great too, tastes like regular cheese pizza (or so say non-vegans), and is especially good if you throw on a few veggies. I like Tofutti soy cheese pizza the best. Probably the most important thing in getting him to enjoy his new eating habits is getting him to persevere, slowly the vegan foods will grow on him.
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